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CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialists Harrow

CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialists Harrow

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Beauty Salons in Harrow - Rayners Lane
464 Alexandra Avenue, Rayners Lane, Harrow, HA2 9TL
+44 (0) 208 866 6435

CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialists are an advanced beauty therapy business in Harrow, specializing in laser hair removal, skin care services, massage therapy, weight loss and multiple other beauty treatments designed to help you feel great. Their experts offer a highly-skilled, pain-free and affordable service to make you extra smooth and confident again.
Tags: laser hair removal, massage therapy, Misleading promises & Malpractices & Time and money wastage & Mental harrasment, skin care services, weight loss treatments

CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialists Harrow Reviews

Beware - Misleading promises. Malpractices. Time and money wastage. Mental harrasment

Well well the above sums up my whole experience with this salon over past 6/7 months. Yeah took me a while to submit my review as I never intended to waste my time writing the review. Busy like most of us I just wanted to get what I can for my moneys worth and let it go.

Also, they offer some free treatments in return of good online reviews - am not sure how many reviews here are honest reviews here. Am sure a lot of bad experiences doesn't get written about.

Ideally practices of this salon should be inspected by some independent regulatory body or some other independent organisation or ombudsmen as the responses received of the complaints from the employees / directors and owners are not good enough and are heavily prejudiced.

Here goes my bad experience:
Last summer, I was looking for laser hair reduction treatments. This salon came to my attention having crazy discounts of 60% off with additional 20% off on top for the laser hair reduction packages. I got tempted and signed up for the package of 8 full facial hair reduction package for £250. (Very good deal, I guess). (In hindsight may be a catch here that a good laser reduction services can't come so cheap !)

Well after my 1st laser session, when I went for 2nd session the therapist said that my hair growth is really fine and is not suitable for laser treatment and advised that the laser will infact stimulate the hair growth and I should not go ahead with any sessions. She also added that the clinic shouldn't have signed me up for the package as my hair are quite fine !!

Exasperated, I asked for refund as I claimed that the clinic shouldn't have signed me up for the laser treatment package of 8 if that was the case - this sort of assessment should have been done during my consultation before signing me up. To this, I was pointed to some no refunds policy!!!

The clinic instead said that they can convert my package to any other treatment package, and they advised me to go for Derma pen. They further said that as Derma pen is more expensive treatment they can only offer 4 sessions instead of 8 laser sessions I had signed up for.

Well I was kinda cornered with just me on my side vs 2 on their side so I had no other option but to agree to what was offered. I had no other choice as i was already out of money and not getting it back.

When I reached the clinic for my 4th Dermapen session, they asked me to pay for the session !!! It was such a big humiliation and mental harrasement. I was again cornered by 3 staff members and another one on phone claiming to resolve the dispute, which to me looked more like dishonest and disrespectful behaviour !

Am not sure if the salon has any effective dispute resolution process as it's only the employees / owners / directors I got to talk to and their responses are bound to be prejudiced or if there is an ombudsmen or a regulator where I can report the dispute.

I am not really happy with the way I have been treated and the mental stress the whole experience has caused.

From my experience, I would never recommend this salon to anyone.

Results of dermapen -
During the treatment - less pain after using emla cream
After the treatment- my face had lots of swelling, looked like my skin was burnt, and was in pain
The skin is supposed to have some peeling during few days after the treatment which I never got.
Effect on pigmentation- negligible.

I spoke to some other salons who offer derma treatments about results of the same and I was advised besides other technicalities, it also depends on the quality and quantity of lipids oil the salon uses for the treatment. Colaz use some of their own brand oils for the treatment and since I had negligible results and no peeling following treatments, it could be that quality is not that great and the quantity used during my treatments must been inadequate for such treatment.

All in all very unprofessional salon. Don't waste your precious time and money
Tags: Misleading promises & Malpractices & Time and money wastage & Mental harrasment

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