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I have used this company for several years without complaint. However I found the service this morning appalling. I had booked to be picked up from Heathrow terminal 4 and the driver had my flight details as usual. He sent me a text at 8.10am to say the vehicle is on it's way. My daughter and I met him at the terminal at around 9 am and we reached the vehicle after he paid the parking charge at around 9.10 am. I was then told that the £5 added at he initial. quote only covered 1 hour of waiting time and that I was liable to pay an extra £7.50 since I exceeded this by a few minutes! As an old customer the manager agreed to reduce this amount to £4. I have now paid £9 more for parking!! I noticed that the driver had paid less than £5 for parking and this was already included in the initial quote. I have reluctantly paid this extra fee to the driver but I feel I was cheated. I feel it is important that future customers are aware of my experience.   07-05-13