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Just awful, booked an appointment with one of the senior stylists, was rushed through! Was told my hair was going to be shampooed before I had even seen my hairdresser. When I asked if the hairdresser needed to see my hair before washing the hairdresser then approached and said we would discuss it after. When in the chair after washing my hair I told the hairdresser what I wanted which was a blunt straight cut. She then proceeded to cut layers into my hair which I DID NOT want or ask for. Then she was about to cut a full fringe in when I have a side sweeper fringe I am growing out! I managed to stop her before she cut it! But she then proceeded to trim my side fringe completely short and jagged looking, having to pin in back as it doesn't sweep anymore as its cut so unevenly and severely. I was so shocked and disappointed. She did not listen or cut my hair in a way that suits my hair texture. Now back at square one with growing out a bad haircut. Very expensive too for what I consider bad service! Never going back    09-02-14
Tags: Hair, headmasters, headmasters harrow


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